Viva MINExpo!

Come and see us at this year’s MINExpo International Trade Show.

We return to this 4-yearly event with the exclusive launch of our Ultipleat® Diesel Plus filter, providing minesite operators 2 diesel fuel filtration solutions in 1 innovative design.  The filter removes both particulate and water contamination from the bulk diesel supply; a process previously completed in two separate filtration stages.

Particulate and water contamination in diesel fuel can reduce efficiency and accelerate wear in heavy duty engines. The result, if left unchecked, is reduced reliability of critical equipment, unscheduled downtime and an increase in maintenance and repair costs.  In comparative tests, the number of Ultipleat Diesel Plus filters elements required was significantly less compared to existing Pall or alternative solutions, resulting in an overall reduction in operating costs.  Bring your applications enquiries to Pall Booth #28821 where our expert team will be on-site to discuss your specific applications.

In addition, we will showcase our Beta 2000 rated Athalon hydraulic and lube oil filters, our PCM500 Portable Fluid Condition Monitor and the Versalon range of oil and fuel filters, designed specifically for use on medium to heavy duty mobile / off-road equipment.

In September all roads lead to Booth #28821.  If you would like to pre-arrange a meeting please send us an e-mail. We look forward to seeing you.