Pall and Leica Demonstrate Strength in Danaher Family

In 2015, Pall Corporation was purchased by Danaher, a global leader in science and technology. Pall’s market-leading position in filtration fit well into Danaher’s strategy, and immediately recognized synergies with existing business units.

Leica Microsystems was one such synergy.

With world-class contamination extraction and analysis equipment, Pall and Leica offer customers a trusted means for identifying the quality of filtration solutions used in the field. And by analyzing the contamination extracted and collected by Pall’s Component Cleanliness Cabinets, Leica brings to Pall a complementary service that is game-changing across industry—especially Pall’s automotive customers.

Prior to the Danaher acquisition, Pall may not have recommended a specific solution for analysis. But with Leica, Pall customers can place individual components into Pall Cleanliness Cabinets and wash the contamination from them in a controlled manner that ensures no environmental contamination. Next, by collecting component contamination on an analysis membrane, the component contamination can be analyzed under a Leica optical microscope.

The Leica microscope enables the user to determine the size, quantity and type of contamination captured. And the results determine the component’s readiness for production.

Leica’s complementary offering helps Pall serve customers by proving the effectiveness of Pall filtration solutions, while adding value in quality control. Contamination intelligence enables manufacturers to more confidently produce components at a level of cleanliness that can virtually eliminate failure, rework and rejection.

In addition to the product offerings, Pall and Leica are synergistic for their shared market channels and more. Among the benefits of the growing partnership are the shared customers, the newly end-to-end solution and mutual affinity with existing market leaders.

But the value in partnership is further strengthened by the sharing of technical knowledge that comes with complementary proficiencies. Leica’s expertise enables Pall, to better inform customers of its value proposition and more accurately identify filtration solutions to remove specific harmful contaminants. This can deliver a significant value-add through solutions, not just product. This enables more efficient, lower-total cost production for component manufacturers. And of course Leica has gained a partner in filtration so critical to solving the contamination challenges identified via their analysis technology.

In celebrating the partnership, Pall and Leica recently joined forces to exhibit together, as a part of the Danaher family, at Parts2Clean [Stuttgart, Germany], the only trade fair globally that focuses exclusively on industrial parts and surface cleaning. This will give Pall and Leica customers alike one destination for filtration and analysis. Already ‘solutions-oriented’ by nature, the Pall and Leica teams brought insights and expertise to the exhibition, giving customers the chance to solve complex manufacturing problems as it pertains to contamination.

Mergers and acquisitions often come with proclamations of synergies and shared vision. But with Danaher’s strategic acquisition of Pall truly comes a clearly complementary suite of services; Leica’s competencies perfectly add value to Pall’s offerings – and vice versa. And with ever-evolving quantitative analysis driving the imperative for increasingly precise contamination filtration – and analysis – the potential of the partnership is in its early days and we’re excited for what’s to come.