Paper Mill System Gets Twice as Clean

Paper Mill gets an upgrade by converting to Pall Coralon™ filters

A large Canadian paper mill producing linerboard, recently converted all its dry, wet end and calendar lubrication and press section hydraulic system filters from Pall Ultipor™ III filters to Pall’s new Coralon™ filter element design. Conversion was simple, with no requirement for adaptation of the existing filter housings (regardless of age) and no increase in filter element purchase costs.

After 3 months in service, as part of the existing maintenance contract, the supporting Pall distributor undertook fluid cleanliness analysis in various applications throughout the site. Results consistently showed an improvement in fluid cleanliness of 1 to 2 ISO cleanliness classes across all test sites whilst achieving equivalent service life, compared to previous periods using Ultipor™ III filters.

Since standardizing on Pall Coralon filters with βetaX(C) ≥ 1000 rated Stress Resistant media Technology (SRT), the paper mill has been able to simplify its parts inventory and extend the mean time between filter element changeout.

Other advantages include a reduction in associated fluid and disposal costs due to extended fluid life, the value of increased equipment availability, less wear on system components and the reduced cost of machine maintenance.

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