Pall Coralon™: Accept No Substitutes!

Manufacturers rely heavily on hydraulic equipment to produce everything from mobile phones to candy bars. But in order for this equipment to function properly, they must be fitted with hydraulic and lubrication oil filters to maintain the correct level of fluid cleanliness. Unfortunately, a number of companies choose to cut corners by using cheap and inferior oil filters. It’s a mistake that ultimately proves costly.

In the absence of high quality filtration, fluid power systems inevitably fail due to component wear caused by particulate contamination, either ingested or generated from within the system’s moving parts. This forces manufactures to replace all or part of their equipment, causing unnecessary production downtime, product delays, and added expense to the bottom line. All of this could have easily been avoided through the use of superior filtration. And there’s no better filtration element than the new Coralon™ hydraulic and lube oil filter from Pall Corporation.

Pall’s premium Coralon™ filter represents a significant advancement in equipment protection and directly replaces existing Pall Ultipor™ filter elements. When sized correctly, Pall filter housings normally have a 20+ year life expectancy. Of course, filter technology progresses over time so many cheaper competitors have taken to retrofitting current Pall filters with their subpar products in an attempt to save the customer money. But don’t be fooled. Only Coralon™ high performance, stress-resistant filter elements offer this level of long lasting component parts protection, extending the service life of your equipment.

Truth be told, there’s no reason to turn to a brand other than Pall when tests show that Coralon™ filters provide up to a 15X improvement in fluid cleanliness compared to inferior alternatives, and return up to 20% savings in the overall cost of filtration. So the real economical choice is to depend on Pall in the first place.

Customers will find that the Coralon™ filter serves as a direct replacement for existing Ultipor™ filter elements, no matter the age or the filter housing condition. There’s no adaptation required to accept the advanced design of Coralon™, which includes stress-resistant media technology, and an industry leading filter efficiency of BetaX(C) >1000 per ISO 16889. Coralon™ even provides twice the cleanliness of our already exceptional, original Ultipor™ filters.

Your hydraulic manufacturing equipment is only as good as the filter protecting it. Don’t make the mistake of trusting your substantial investment to seemingly inexpensive alternatives that will degrade your fluid power systems and wind up hurting your wallet. Coralon™ filter elements provide superior, sustained system cleanliness for enhanced equipment protection, saving you money. Make the right decision today; call your Pall sales representative today to safeguard your assets and reach unrivaled fluid cleanliness.

Coralon™ Upgrades for your Ultipor™ Filter Housings

See how Coralon™ filters compare. It’s a no-brainer!