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The Importance of Filter Performance

When it comes to hydraulics, clean machines mean increased performance, reliability, safer work environments, and a reduction in overall operating costs. Large manufacturing companies know all too well how even brief disruptions in a high-volume operation can quickly lead to significant costs in lost productivity. … Read More

Pall Filtration is Essential for Automotive In-Plant Applications

High-quality filtration is one of the most underestimated, yet critical elements of the automotive -manufacturing process. And Pall Corporation serves the market with sophisticated and durable filtration solutions that add value, enabling lean manufacturing by reducing waste, rework and providing asset protection. The implementation of … Read More

Pall and Leica Demonstrate Strength in Danaher Family

In 2015, Pall Corporation was purchased by Danaher, a global leader in science and technology. Pall’s market-leading position in filtration fit well into Danaher’s strategy, and immediately recognized synergies with existing business units. Leica Microsystems was one such synergy. With world-class contamination extraction and analysis … Read More