Dodging the storm in your lube oil system?

Electrostatic charge generation occurs when high volumes of dry, low conductivity fluids are in contact with system surfaces or pass through glass fibre filtration media. You might not know you’ve got it, but if you suffer damaged filters, poor system fluid cleanliness, maybe you hear … Read More

Effective Varnish Removal from Turbine Lubrication Systems

In recent years, the power generation industry has seen an increase in varnish-related problems in combustion turbines. Download our latest technical whitepaper to learn what varnish is, how it forms, what impact it has on your operations and what technologies are available to both ‘clean-up’ … Read More

Reliable Plant 2017 Conference & Exhibition

Pall are pleased once again to be a key sponsor at the Reliable Plant Conference and Exhibition , at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Ohio, 25th – 27th April. At this year’s show we have a world exclusive. Pall will showcase its new Athalon® CM … Read More