Pall Helps Vehicle Manufacturers Build Cleaner Cars

Within the automotive industry there is enormous pressure to constantly innovate to excite and attract new customers. Car companies respond each year with fresh models outfitted with cutting-edge engine technology, making automobiles go faster and farther with decreased reliance on fossil fuels. For these sophisticated engines to function properly, the components within the systems must remain clean and free of any contamination that might degrade performance. For over five decades, leading automobile manufactures have turned to Pall Corporation for filtration, separation and purification solutions to meet their increasing component cleanliness needs and additionally to facilitate procedures to accurately measure it.

150222173672164.GtAWz9B6x63SvbYD5PJp_height640Pall Cleanliness Cabinets (PCCs) are self-contained units that provide accurate, reliable and repeatable procedures to extract particulate contamination from sample component surfaces for analysis. Automated processes allow operators to assess the cleanliness levels of manufactured parts in accordance to ISO 18413, ISO 16232 and VDA 19 procedures. Added benefits of PCCs include up to 50% faster to reach blank value to start test sampling; reduced human error as the PCCs are fully programmable; and quicker quality assurance, reducing expensive rework that plagues many assembly lines.

Pall’s PCCs are the only cabinets to offer a fully integrated HEPA filtered laminar airflow clean room test environment, eliminating the risk of environmental cross contamination.Workers can interact with the cabinets comfortably and safely as the equipment does not expose users to harsh chemicals or pressurized systems.

The cabinets come in a variety of sizes, allowing for the extraction and collection of contamination from both small and over-sized components such as bearings, injectors,crankshafts, and engine blocks. They are easy to use and equipped with color touchscreen interfaces to ensure reliable and repeatable procedures for tests. Companies can set test protocols to preferred standards, and the automatic system wall wash down ensures no environmental contamination or residual contamination from previous tests is present before anew test commences. These automated procedures decrease human error with respect to operator competency, and avoid further user-generated impurities.

As the engines that power modern vehicles become more dynamic, the complex components have become increasingly intolerant to dirt and contamination. Each manufactured part potentially carries “builtin” contamination to the system where even the slightest presence of dirt can cause significant damage to the sensitive mechanics, invalidate warranties, or have the potential to yield expensive assembly line outages and costly recalls.

Smart manufacturers do not leave issues of cleanliness to chance, nor to inexperienced or unproven solutions. Pall Corporation provides superior filtration and measurement solutions to automotive leaders, as well as the biggest names in aerospace, microelectronics, energy and chemicals. For exceptional quality and service, partner with the best  partner with Pall.