Diesel Gets An Upgrade

For decades, diesel powertrains held one significant advantage over their gasoline counterparts – better fuel economy. In fact, some diesel engines register 20 percent better mileage over gasoline, making them the optimal choice for large mobile fleets required to perform heavy duty hauling and towing. … Read More

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Filter Servicing Made Simple

Athalon™ filters featuring Auto-pull; the most efficient filter servicing procedure in industry today Learn how quick and simple it is to service Pall’s Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil filters See how quick and simple Pall’s Athalon™ hydraulic and lube oil Betaxc > 2000 rated filters … Read More

Viva MINExpo!

Come and see us at this year’s MINExpo International Trade Show. We return to this 4-yearly event with the exclusive launch of our Ultipleat® Diesel Plus filter, providing minesite operators 2 diesel fuel filtration solutions in 1 innovative design.  The filter removes both particulate and … Read More